A Mother's Love by Handie

A Mother's Love

by Handie in Miscellaneous

I took this shot a few days ago. These Bison are in an enclosure at a lake we visit. Due to the high water levels, they are all very close to the gate so it gave us an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with them!

When I walked down the fence line this mother got very agitated with me. I put my self right up close to the wire fencing and placed the end of my lens right up through the gridding and started to focus.

Well, holy crap - she sure didn't like that!! She charged me at the fence right where I stood, and of course, I had my camera in front of my eye so I never saw her coming! Instead I heard her heavy footfalls and felt the ground shaking. I jumped back just when she rammed into the fence and stood there snorting at me for a while. Scared the beejeebers out of me I tell ya! But, after she backed off I came back and did it again - because you know - I just HAD to get a shot of her and her baby.

After all of that, this incredibly tender moment occured when the baby came up and touched their noses together and they just rubbed faces for a while. (hence the big wet mark on the baby's head)

It was very sweet, as a moment ago the mom was in a rage and so ferocious and scary - but she was protecting her greatest treasure, which then showed me a moment of tenderness that I was not expecting.

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