Mordor by Greyjoy


by Greyjoy in Digital Painting

One does not simply paint Mordor. It took me much more than I expected, but I am quite satisfied with the final result.

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  • JurgenDoe


    very nice and lovely work

    Dec 30th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
  • Lucifer


    amazing work! i love Lord of the rings

    Dec 29th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?
    • Greyjoy


      Thanks! I also love LotR and other Tolkien's books :D
      And I'm still learning how to paint digitally ^_^'

      Dec 29th, 2012 Reply
    • Lucifer


      i read all books and watched movies too was awesome!
      we all are still learning to improve our work you will get better and better in time
      its my pleasure :)

      Dec 29th, 2012 Reply Who wants a hug?