Art enthusiast. •

Malabon, Philippines

First thing.

I am what I am.

21 years of age. A married man.

A fan of every artist works but the one's who value and having passion doing it. An Information Technology graduate. I just love to make an art. Anything like drawing figures, sketches or something but I don't have the skills of making it by freehand.

So good how it feels when I was starting and begin to have interest on learning PS.
I'm so thankful because now I can make random art using this amazing software. So I learn how to do it and explore it day by day. Every time I make an art, I feel like having a good, peaceful and amazing life for some reason I can't explain. Art means so much to me so I'm working and working on it to make my skills enhance, to inspire people, to show what i really feel and to tell the world that I also have imagination like others. So i guess that's all. Long live fellow artist.