.:Mario and Luigi on WPAP:. by GilarArtoholic

.:Mario and Luigi on WPAP:.

by GilarArtoholic in WPAPholic

In Super Mario Bros., after Mario and Luigi fight the monsters of Mario Bros., they return to the Mushroom Kingdom where they were told by the Mushroom King that the evil king Bowser had kidnapped Princess Toadstool and her Mushroom Retainers.

Mario and Luigi then go to save the kidnapped Princess Toadstool and rescue her from the king of Koopas. The Mario brothers travel eight different worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom – each world complete with its own challenges that Luigi and Mario had to face. The brothers fought many enemies, defeated Bowser, and saved the princess along with the Mushroom Retainers. In this game, Luigi had the same jumping powers, same traction, and the same running speed as Mario. He is only playable in 2-player mode.

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