Way to Mandalay by Gejda

Way to Mandalay

by Gejda in Photomanipulation

Ahh, finally finished! I don't know how much time this piece took, but it was most definitely much. The cave is created almost from the scratch, and as usual there are many, many elements painted. Very much inspired by a Blackmore's Night song, "Way to Mandalay":

I wandered down the pathway, through the misty moor
Like I knew he did a thousand times before
Voices seem to echo, "Come talk with me a while
Just around the corner, just another mile"

I have heard the stories, her legend served her well
A mystic's myth or fable, truth or fairy tale
A raggle-taggle gypsy, with a toothless smile
Said, "Sit with me my darling, let's talk a little while"

And the road goes on
Seeming ever longer on the way to Mandalay
And the road goes on
Forever will I wander on the way to Mandalay

The mile went on forever, the minutes turned to days
Could I have been misguided by the mystic's ways?
The moment lasts forever, at least it does for me
Caught between what happened and what could never be

Credits here: http://gejda.deviantart.com/#/d4omqkp

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