War never changes by Gejda

War never changes

by Gejda in Photomanipulation

Now. This was supposed to be an illustration to a book by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, "Hawksong", made purely for fun. I've read it twice, and liked it both times - maybe it's not the best written book you'll ever read, and the story is not the most original one, but there's something beautiful in it. Or maybe I just like stories like that, I don't know. The book's plot centres on a war which two nations: avians (bird shapeshifters), and serpiente (snake shapeshifters) have been fighting in for centuries. No one remembers anymore how the war started, but nobody has also ever known anything else, so both sides kill each other because it's what they've been doing as long as they can remember, and too many people have already died to make it stop without having someone make a sacrifice. Main characters - Danica, the heir to avian throne, and Zane - the heir to serpiente throne - decide to make that sacrifice. If anyone's interested in finding out more or reading reviews, here's a link to its Goodreads page: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30334.Hawksong

Anyway, this manip was supposed to be a lot more complex than it is now, but after the hell I've went through with placing the characters in the right perspective, and making the light right, gaaah! It may not look very difficult, but for some reason it was. Incredibly. I'm giving up, even though I've also learned a lot while working on this piece. And had a chance to play with PS6 new blur filters. This part was fun.
I hope you like it.

Please Full View. And all critique is, as always, very welcome.

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