Latawica by Gejda


by Gejda in Photomanipulation

Latawica is an ethereal creature from Slavic beliefs that looks like an alluring young woman - her goal is to seduce married men. She has long, golden hair, shining wings and starry eyes which she uses to enslave her victims.

Latawica appears in the night, when her victim is asleep, and she makes him fall madly in love with her. Then, she comes every night and slowly drives him insane with her caresses. Her lover loses any interest he had in the world and other people and impatiently waits for another meeting. He doesn't live long - the unnatural love and lust he feels quickly burn him out.

When latawica waits too long and doesn't leave before dawn, she loses her hair and her wings, and after 7 days and 3 hours she dies like a human being. Her lover, though, isn't free of her spell even then and quickly dies out of sorrow.

Few are able to resist latawica's allure. Sometimes, moved by a man's great love for his wife, latawica leaves on her own accord, but it doesn't happen very often. - translated from

I tried to portray the moment when the dawn comes and a latawica has to leave her lover. Hope I succeeded - and that you like it.

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