Don't remember me by Gejda

Don't remember me

by Gejda in Photomanipulation

Model is Georgia Stanwix, photography by Cathleen Tarawhiti.

A quick manip inspired by a song by Anna Maria Jopek. You can listen to it here:

I'm afraid for you, my unloved
In the silent darkness of your skull
you may finally hear me

You are my cell
though there's no guard

I know your unsuccessful dreams and dark forests of your memory
I know the names of all your fears
I'm one of them.

If you love me, don't remember me
If you love me, free me

I'm afraid for you, my unloved
How long will you be able to believe that you're a master, not a servant?

Keep me under lock in a chamber of a heart
But even then I'm certain you won't achieve much

I don't want this love
Let me go
Free me and free yourself

- Translation by me.

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