Oil on canvas •

Windsor, Californai

Gary Miller-Youst comes naturally by his feeling for heroic art. In 1985, a major exhibition in Denver marked the return of Miller-Youst to his native West. Painting on a grand scale, he expresses himself through a powerful mixture of light and color through a wide range of mystical representations. A compelling force emerges from within the soul of his work, and his visions on canvas are reminiscent of the Renaissance Art Period. Gary has achieved recognition as an heroic impressionist and muralist and has commissioned work throughout the world. Major exhibitions include the Bonet Museum of Modern Sculptures, the National Gallery of Canada and International Art Auctions at Frasers' of Montreal. The works of Miller-Youst are included in numerous corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe including the Trudeau Collection of Canada and the Corbet Collection of France.

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