Never Forgotten by FrozenStar

Never Forgotten

by FrozenStar in Artwork

This was done for the 2012 Halloween Competition at Renderosity, themed Unhappily Ever After I was the lucky winner of the 1st place in the 2D category.

The story behind it is there's no greater tragedy than a mother losing a child. If there's one "unhappily ever after", this is it. All wounds heal over time, and other losses of loved ones easier to bear as time goes, but a lost child is never forgotten by his mother.

I didn't experience such tragedy (no babies had or lost) but I have friends who had and I can still feel their pain.

All resources purchased, with credits below:
model from Fotolia
Stroller by objekt-stock
Partial background from PNGTubes by moonchild-ljilja
Partial background from Sveva @ RMP "Darkness Falls II"
Cross, candles from Folkvangar "Gothic Essence"
Corset from Folkvangar "Bruja"
Fog brushes by deviney @ Daz

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