Heroes by FreeSpirit

This is a cemetery Normandy dedicated to the American Soldiers that didn't make it back to America during D-Day and throughout WWII.
It felt like a mist-like ghostly presence surrounded me, while I was there.
I left a lot of sunflowers while I was around the memorial building, at the entrance.
...I was sort of afraid to leave poppies (in fear of what others may feel, and if anyone would get offended), so I just stuck with sunflowers.
I saw a woman visiting from the US, sitting next to a grave. I talked to her and, at the end of the conversation, I had the courage to ask why she was sitting next to the grave she was sitting by. It was her husband.
I'll take the time to dedicate this photo to the soldiers that fight in the wars:
to those who come home, and to those who stay.

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