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! I adore life & the World in it's many forms. I adore all artists from cakes, sculpture, painting Animals & everything else, any art or craft , photo or piece of life. Is my art :0). All the pieces of art I see on the web, stirs me in some way. What joy to see colours, almost feel the textures & smel the aromas of whatever is being used. To feel the braveness on different levels. I had 50 days out of bed last year in total. When able to do that I take a photo or a hundred! Of my day. I have to Thank All Of You Wonderful People who share your art. I find night particularly bad pain wise. Tho. I have found I am helped tremendously by looking at your work. In what ever form. They make me smile from the inside out & help push the 'grot' away. So not only are you being wonderful by sharing, you are helping heal. My heartfelt Thanks. Love joy & laughter always wrapped in sunshine hugs Fayth xo :0) My Friends already found & those I shall be lucky enough to meet. Sunshine& moonbeams xo