photographer & digital artist •

Hello there, Im Lisa, aka FangedFem around the net. I hope you enjoy what you find within. The images I create express somewhat logical conclusions to my own absurd dreams both asleep and awake. I begin with images and try to give them more life, they take on a physical form through my artwork. My work is influenced by a number of variables in life, but most of all they are influenced by my private emotions. Whether it be joy or sorrow, fear or security - I let them flow through with no restrictions. I do not anticipate that the onlooker will share my vision sometimes. However, I feel that if my art leaves an image on their mind, then something has been accomplished.

While I create mostly for personal expression, I am also available for commercial work. Please do not limit my abilities by what you find exampled here. I have an eclectic taste and a wide style, as well as a dedication to my work with attention to time frames. Feel free to contact me regarding any commercial work you need. You may purchase my art on the following websites: -