Typecocktail by Famz


by Famz in Typography

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This piece wasn't actually supposed to have been made, I was in typography class and we were supposed to make an abstract looking piece where the characters would be used as a form of a design and well I got bored and carried away and was like hey this is cool, all the the while my tutor was looking at me all weird since I wasn't supposed to be doing this. loll so I worked on it a bit and when I got home I had fun tweaking it :D

All the characters and elements are from various typefaces. I know the ear, which are the tear drops are from a g, which I think is Baskerville. The Y is Garamond, the I is News Gothic. The large O in the olive is Futura, small O is Gill Sans. The D which is the small bulge at the top (which you can't make out since I used a clipping mask) of the glass is also Baskerville I believe but I could be wrong (I did this piece like a few years ago so forgive if I'm wrong) and the huge O's in the background I believe is Futura from another thing I did while getting carried away.

I don't drink and I'm not encouraging drinking, but if you want to get intoxicated in typography be my guest! :D

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