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During the semester (back in college, like almost a year ago) a couple of graphic designers and various people who work in the industry lectured one of our classes. Every week we had a new lecturer. This one class we were asked the question, 'What makes you different?', the short exercise was to do self portrait without actually doing a portrait.

Instinctively I though I'd do typography and actually base the text as if everything revolved around it, so the 'me' represents me symbolically. So the whole thing is based on things I like, colours I like, styles I like. I guess I could add more but I wanted to keep with a certain theme and feel. Lilac and blue always used to be my favourite colours and somehow I like pink...and I hated pink before.

The actual exercise only allowed us time to do a sketch. I couldn't possibly have done this within 30 mins lol. I don't know how different this makes me but I think I was the only one in the class to do something based on typography, I guess she was expecting us to all have different takes on presenting ourselves, but in the end we all seemed to think alike.

Really want to try more typographic pieces...want to try different styles and get into 3D :)

All vectors are mine except, the butterfly on the camera that I edited -,
the hibiscus is a font and the birds were free vectors.

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