Land of the Shadows by Famz

Land of the Shadows

by Famz in Conceptual Photography |

You can find the walkthrough for how I did this right below

Daily Inspiration #73
Shadowness For the Win Contest Final
Shadowness is Quality #8
High Resolution Wallpapers Tuesday #7
1st Place in the Wallpaper Contest: Shadowness For The Win Contests WINNERS

My entry for Shadowness' For the Win wallpaper contest!

I know I'm like so late, I was going to try typography but I got this random idea and only just realised I managed to do photography, photo manipulation and typography at the same time. :)

Composed the photo with the square beads, the letters were actually the wrong side like facing upward and I didn't even have the right letters to begin with, so I cloned out every square and put in the letters (tried to match it to a font similar to SHADOWNESS).

Hope you like and if you do, please favourite, like and share it with friends...need all the votes I can get.
Thank you! and Thank you Shadowness for the beautiful site in which I have grown to love!

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