Dream Catcher by Famz

Dream Catcher

by Famz in Land & Seascapes

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Daily Inspiration #50
Daily Inspiration Feature #51

Taken in Barbados

Took this when I was at the beach yesterday. I don't yet have a tripod or filters so I took a towel with me and sat on the sand, aimed the camera at the water and prayed I got most things in focus.

Had fun editing this, converted from raw using viewnx2 to get different exposures, photoshop doesn't yet have the support for raw converter for my D3100 so I had to make do. Combined the exposures in photoshop and played with colours.

Tried a different format and a slightly different angle, post processing is a little different here too

The shutter speed numbers are so wacky I have no idea why, so I'm putting the exif data here

Shutter speed: 1/10 second
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/22
Camera: Nikon D3100
Lens: 18-55 mm

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