Chain of Line by Famz

Chain of Line

by Famz in Typography |

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A project I had to do for my typography class...we had to do 16 of 1 week! We had to make eight 10.5" x 10.5" layouts, each of a weather report and a poem, 4 had to be pragmatic and the other 4 had to be poetic

This is my favourite of the poetic poem...the poem is written by me

Re-edited this after I just found it in my dA gallery, forgotten all about this...did a few tweaks...theres a typo error on line three...will make changes later to it


Be who you are and say what you feel
Live life without any expectations, take hold of the wheel
Think with your heart but mostly your mind
Climb a never ending ladder until success you find

Be an achiever create your own wall
Pursue your dreams stand firm and tall
Never fit in like all the rest
Be one of a kind

Be the Best!

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