The Nightmare Eater by FallenRox

The Nightmare Eater

by FallenRox in Newest work

The fog slithers across the city as I move in the shadows of your sleep.

I am of the dark, the shadow. Try to find me and you will fail.

I crave the dark corners of your mind where your tasty nightmares live and thrive.
Lie back down and fall asleep.

For it is your nightmares that I will feast on tonight.

They quench my hunger with their sweet nectar.

I madly crave your fear for that is what strengthens me.

I promise it won’t hurt you,

It is time for me to say goodnight and sleep tight.

I hope that you can sleep,

Now that you know I am yours to keep.

My repast is finished and your nightmares were the sweetest I have tasted in centuries.

It has given me the strength to battle a legion of demons.

Tonight I will give you rest and leave you to your dreams.

But know, that when my energy wanes,

I will return for another night of sweet delight.

-Christal Kitto
Friend and creative writer who graciously let me use her words that inspired this piece.


Most of the stock images are purchased. The textures and the dial on the right are photographs of mine. What's interesting about the dial is that it was found as part of an electrical grouping of bits and bobs in an abandoned work site in the woods up north. The dial has all hours on it, and the hand that goes round says "Do NOT UNSCREW time" how odd. =)

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