red leaves by FabioKeiner

red leaves

by FabioKeiner in trees & leaves

natural light, overlay (texture thanks to temari09!:))

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    Hello! Welcome to Shadowness! This work has been featured as a part of this weeks Meet and Greet Article, where we ask our new active members a few questions and give you a chance to tell the community a bit about yourself! Please stop by and get to know everyone here:

    Nov 4th, 2011 Reply
    • FabioKeiner


      hi, all there out in the darkness of shadownes! I'm from vienna, austria, living here and there and doodling or making sounds (at jamendo and bandcamp:) ... if I could meet a somebody from the past: god himself, of course... asking him why his creation went so badly wrong :)) ... style of art? most I love now abstract expressionism (if that label fits)... rothko's paintings, generative creations of autopoiesis... shadowness I found exactly that way... googling randomly

      Nov 5th, 2011 Reply