Digital Artist/Filmacademy • *not yet*

Zaandam, Netherlands

Dreams are the biggest inspiration for my work. Wether a nightdream or a daymare, all my pieces represent a feeling I tried to capture from these dreams. When my subconsciousness and consciousness are mixed together this is the result. Art should be, in my opinion, free for everyone to enjoy. Even if it's only for a moment, or to lighten your day. Peace!

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  • Lucifer


    Welcome to Shadowness!

    If you have any questions ask online /staff - /mods or check the /faq . Also feel free to read our Vision for Shadowness, A home for artists by artists here: http://shadowness.com/forum/forum/shadowness-a-home-for-artists-by-artists

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    • FaatiBomBom


      Thanks for this warm welcome!:-) I like the vision you have for this website and I am very curious to see where this is going ^^ I only had one question: I went to the "contest" tab but didn't see any art contests? Only stuff about how good your profile is doing 8-) Anyway, Thanks!!!

      May 3rd Reply