Survivor by Exyle-Studios

This project was a combination of photography, CGI, and image editing. My wife and I were bored one Saturday and I was in the mood to create something in the style of the movie "Pandorum" mixed with the video game "Dead Space". So we grabbed the camera and shot about 50 photos using her as the model. Once I found the right image I rendered The Ark, a model created by Stonemason for the background. Then came a very hefty amount of composite work and special effects. This was the outcome. Pretty fun project overall.

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  • JurgenDoe


    Quick tip: Please don't forget to add tags to your work, it will help you gain more views and other artists can find your work faster .. you can do this easily when you upload an image .. the second raw ask for tags .. type in the first 2-3 letters and you will get some choices .. same if you uploaded the image already .. go under your image where it says .. Add Tags and follow the steps above.

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