Shimo - Ice Kold Variant by Exyle-Studios

Shimo - Ice Kold Variant

by Exyle-Studios in 3D

This is the "Ice Kold" variant of my "Shimo" image. The colder/blue overtones give it a more frigid look than the original, at least in my opinion.

Shimo (Japanese for "Frost") is a character concept that I have been working on for some time. She was born in modern day into a small Ninja clan residing in the Youtei Mountain area of Japan. It was discovered very early on that she possessed a genetic mutation which allowed her to control the elements of water and ice, specifically being able to freeze things with her touch and, as she grew older and more powerful, to generate "cold waves" within a limited range around her, freezing anything within that radius. She found that she was also able to manipulate water in it's natural liquid state to a degree.

Realizing the danger if the outside world learned of her abilities, the clan kept her secret with their very lives and trained her to focus her abilities in combination with the Ninja arts. At the age of 23 however, she and the entire clan were finally betrayed by a jealous clan member. Her secret was sold out to several governments who promptly began a race to hunt Shimo down and capture her in hopes of being able to harness and weaponize her genetic abilities.

Now alone and on the run, Shimo can trust no one and must use everything she has ever learned in order to survive...

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Various custom texturing was done by me on the clothing and weapon.

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