Repo Man Concept by Exyle-Studios

Repo Man Concept

by Exyle-Studios in 3D

Concept image for my original character, "Repo Man".

Alessio Marcon was an Italian orphan who was born in 1729. He grew up on the streets and and did what was necessary to survive. This upbringing logically led to a life of crime as an adult. Though Alessio was guilty of many things, he was not black of heart, and always had a soft spot for other orphans growing up in the same manner that he did. Alessio was captured and hanged for robbery and murder in 1759, though circumstances were not as simple as they seemed. He was protecting a 15 year orphan who accompanied the group with the robbery. The boy was in the sites of the property owner and Alessio shot the man the save the boy's life. He allowed himself to be captured so that the others could escape in the ensuing pursuit.

Upon entering the afterlife, Alessio was brought before God and given a unique "ultimatum". Though he was known to have commited many crimes in his life, it was also known that many were simply committed to survive. It was also apparent that he had conscience and concern for the oppressed, as witnessed by his act in saving the boy from death and from capture. As such, he would be given the opportunity to redeem himself by filling a role that even the angels did not want to stain their hands with. He would be God's "Repo Man"...dispatched to reclaim souls that were overdue for reaping...only the most vile, wicked, and depraved that humanity had to offer.

And so for centuries Alessio has been dispatched to claim vengeance for the the thousands of innocents tormented or snuffed out by the darkest of souls. Because he ultimately must deliver the damned souls to the bowels of Hell after judgement has commenced, Alessio has been changed in form in order to withstand the environs of Hell itself. As such, he appearance is almost demonic in nature, yet he is both hated by those of the dark realm and feared or mistrusted by those in the light...a creature belonging somewhere in between...waiting for the day when he will be told "Your work is done". Until then, the filth of the world have no place to hide...

Artist Resource Credits:

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