Mad World by Exyle-Studios

This is the cover art for an E-Pub novel I am writing entitled "Mad World". The writing is in very early stages and characters/settings/events are still being fleshed out, however this cover image was very vivid in my mind so I decided to go ahead and crank it out. The story takes place in near future America, set against the backdrop of cataclysmic events which have left the country in chaos...and what few survivors remain are divided into those simply trying to stay alive, and those who have embraced the state of total anarchy...becoming a terrible new menace...perhaps worse than the ones that tore the country apart to begin with. The story will focus around a central male survivalist character who had enough foresight to prepare for an "end of civilization" scenario, and thus survives to see it. However, in retrospect he almost wishes he hadn't, as the "After World" nurtures human depravity to levels unthinkable. Only a handful of survivors carry a spark of hope for humanity's future in an otherwise Mad World.

Regarding the image itself, everything was photographed by my wife and I, including the background. I served as the model for this one...gave me a good excuse to play with my M48 tactical tomahawk...if nothing else :D Composition was done in Photoshop CS4 and Paintshop Pro X4 with some added visual FX created in Auto FX Mystical Suite 2.

Artistic Resource Credits:

Ron's Rain by Deviney -

Ron's Condensation by Deviney -

Ron's Aging Dirt and Grit by Deviney -

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