Ashes Of Humanity by Exyle-Studios

Ashes Of Humanity

by Exyle-Studios in 3D

Meet the female half of the K.A.B.E.L. (Kinetically Augmented Biologically Engineered Lifeform) team, Artemis. They are test subjects 4 (Ares) and 6 (Artemis) from the United States Psionic Warfare Corps program. (Psionics refers to the practice, study, or psychic ability of using the mind to induce paranormal phenomena. Examples of this include telepathy, telekinesis, and other workings of the outside world through the psyche.) In a nutshell, their abilities stem partially from genetic engineering (they were created as clones) which modified and enhanced their telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and also from bionic augmentation that works directly with, and amplifies, their abilities to an unprecedented level. While similar in design, Ares and Artemis were created with unique abilities and are meant to complement each other as a balanced team. They do however share certain standard features such as bionic replacement eyes which allow them to see in night vision, thermal, infrared, and ultraviolet spectrums in addition to providing superhuman optical zooming abilities.

Ares is a veritable juggernaut whose strength relies mostly on telekinesis, though he is able to communicate with Artemis telepathically by design. He is able to move and manipulate objects up to several times his own weight using only his mind and the telekinetic enhancers implanted around his orbital sockets. What more than doubles his power are the Magnetic Resonance Generators (M.R.G.’s) built into his arms. They work in conjunction with his telekinetic power and provide him an immense boost in power when manipulating metal objects as well as the ability to generate magnetic fields. By utilizing the M.R.G.’s, Ares can effectively crush a tank into scrap metal or create a magnetic field around him capable of stopping a hailstorm of bullets in its tracks, making him nearly untouchable by conventional battlefield weapons. His full potential has not yet been determined and is frightening to contemplate. During his training he was able to bring an entire building down in an earth shattering display by fully focusing all of his telekinetic and magnetic powers on the structure. In addition, the nano-muscles in his bionic arms give him the strength to punch through a concrete wall and to wield large weaponry that would normally be mounted to vehicles.

Artemis, by contrast, was built for speed, stealth and precision. Fighting her is akin to fighting a phantom, and odds are her target would be taken out before ever knowing she was there. Her abilities are split between telepathic and ultrasonic. While Ares’ telepathic ability is limited primarily to communicating with Artemis, hers are the most advanced ever documented. She is able to perceive thoughts and impressions as well as project them. When focusing, Artemis is powerful enough to stand right in front of someone and project the illusion to them that she is not even there, effectively making her invisible. Even more impressive is the fact that she can literally project an entire scenario into the mind of her target, making him/her trapped in a false reality or possibly even a nightmare scenario if terror is the desired effect. Her abilities are not restricted to humans, as it was discovered early on that she could communicate to varying degrees as a child with animals around the remote military base where she was raised and trained. She even developed a special bond with a lone coyote who she named Fenrir. Artemis’ bionic arms are equipped with Ultrasonic Emission Generators (U.E.G.’s) which are multipurpose. By controlling the frequency she is able to increase or decrease temperature in the arms to the point of being able to set fire to or freeze nearby objects. She can also create frequencies capable of shattering such substances as bulletproof glass. While Ares could pick up a .50 caliber machine gun, Artemis was designed for a more refined approach. A special compound bow was crafted for her, the bowstring of which could not even be pulled by an ordinary human. Her bionic strength coupled with the incredible bow resistance allows for unthinkable arrow velocities and distances.

The dilemma in such a scenario comes when these two beings are merely thought of as subordinate weapons, and not as human beings. During an incident when they are ordered to perform an action that will result in the mass destruction of innocent life, Ares and Artemis refuse to comply, and instantly become the governments greatest liability...weapons of mass destruction...with free will and a conscience. Going on the run and now protecting those they were ordered to kill, Ares & Artemis are hunted relentlessly by the military and forced to fight against the very institution that created and trained them. Through the raging tide of events that follow, they will discover that even genetic engineering can't erase the human soul.

A concept piece from my K.A.B.E.L. 2041 project. In this image Artemis surveys the bombed out remains of an abandoned school building while seeking temporary shelter.

Artist Resource Credits:

V4 Base Model by DAZ3D

V4 Morphs ++ by DAZ3D

V4 Elite Morphs by DAZ3D

Complicated Eve by Uzilite

Parkside High Hallways by Jack Tomalin

Parkside High Recess by Jack Tomalin

Ron's Aging Dirt and Grit by Deviney

Ron's Cobwebs by Deviney

NightHawk by Umblefugly and Bobbie25

Hongyu's Hair 2010 by Hongyu

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Alpha II Merchant Resource Kit for V4 by Sarsa & DAZ3D

Custom arm textures and body/facial texture customization by me

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