Purple Beret hat by Ernz1318

Purple Beret hat

by Ernz1318 in Portraits

here's a vexel art for my thesis professor
I was looking around my list of friends in facebook, and was kinda frustrated about one art that I cant publish yet XD

same goes with my tablet, I have to draw the entire piece a bit larger than the original size planned. (I have to cheat on the some lines coz my tablet is not functioning pretty well. It can still detect pressure but I have to stroke and undo until I get the right stroke lines...)

I'm not sure about the entire composition, dunno what a fits on a model with a beret hat.

It was suppose to be vector, but I cant resist on making it vexel / CG paint or what ever they call it...

Behind the canvas can be seen on my Facebook Fan Page

I also forgot who gave me an idea that she likes purple... maybe its my observation... (bag? jacket? Pencil case?)

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