Oracle by Ennaedwyn


by Ennaedwyn in Fantasy


She dreams in a garden of orchids...the small, shiny cool beads in her hand remind her...

...that the tomorrow she has seen... coming.


Actually, it would be REALLY hot, stuffy and HUMID to say the least meditating/dreaming in a garden of orchids - because A) orchids like humidity (and I *do not*) B) orchids generally reside in/on trees...

BUT - she's a fairy and this is fantasy so lets ROLL with it.

How did I do this? ---> 6x8 Strathmore Multimedia paper done in: wax soluble Reeves pastel crayons (yep), watercolor, colored pencils, white ink and help from sea salt for the cool affect with watercolor and the Reeves pastel. And that's all.

I perceive two more prophetic women to follow oracle...a high priestess and a seer....

PS - this has been watermarked.


Big thank-you to :iconcharligal-stock: for which the pose was referenced

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