Magic by Ennaedwyn


by Ennaedwyn in Fantasy

Magic FINALLY appeared. Now that is all left is Balance...which will show up when the muse deems it, etc. (end of thinking capacity)

Magic was inspired by :iconhart-worx: 's lovely image of [] - very elegant and classy. The image just "sang" to me :heart:

Of course, I think I made my image with a bigger booty/hips...oh well. To be honest with you I can't figure out if "Magic" is a fairy, sylph or angel...or all the above.

Magic occurs unexpectedly...all around us...we just need to listen to the Universe in all of its colors, to feel and touch it, either through prayer, meditation, music, song or dance or whatever floats your boat, magic happens.

And no, I'm not putting this under "mature". Because if a wee bit of breast and butt bugs you, don't look.

Done on Strathmore Best Mutlimedia paper 5x7 in watercolor, wax soluble pastel crayons (yes, you read that right), salt (yeah!), white gouache, along with silver and gold Pentel gel markers. The end. PS - there are 3 strategically placed watermarks on this image.

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