"Goldfish" by Ennaedwyn


by Ennaedwyn in Fantasy

Queue James Bond music...this mermaid reminds me of something "James Bond-ish" and the title stuck. Plus I'm abit tired of orangey-yellow-gold-red. Painting the fish was refreshing "Ahhh, black!"

Image was referenced here: http://andywanderlust.deviantart.com/art/Floored-307709718

First time I tried to paint a black moor goldfish (of sorts...it has fantasy flare to it) - lets just say, first time to paint a fish...

And I went crazy with hair and tail and hair and tail...why? WHY?! I have no clue...

Weapons of choice on this was: http://otherworldsart.deviantart.com/art/Stuff-used-for-Goldfish381411908?ga_submit_new=10%253A1372451317
(l) colored pencils (c) watercolor pencils (r) pastel stick pencils. Above this line up you can see I used 2 Reeves water soluble wax crayons & two pastel sticks. The fish was mostly done in black pastel applied like watercolor (99% done this way) and I used the purple color (from another project, no sense in wasting perfectly dried watercolor paint...add water and use) in the wee basin. This was all done on Stonehenge Cotton vellum finish 250gsm neutral pH/acid free 9x12 paper (I'm still out if I I like this better than Strathmore multi media paper - says it doesn't buckle/warp, etc. and it did...but then I don't stretch my paper that much...meh)

And there will be more mermaids...they keep swimming into my head...maybe if I stuck cotton in my ears?


I placed this under "mature audiences" because the hint of "boobs" might cause people to go "ahhhh, my eyes!" - like all mermaids well shells and sea weed as covering... >

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