Cover art Caterpillar by EmbrisionArts

Cover art Caterpillar

by EmbrisionArts in Digital art by Embrision Arts

Cover artist: Embrision Arts
Publisher: Zharmae Publishing press
Author: William Tedford
Release date: unknown

Summary of the book:

The girl is young, perhaps 16. Her simple summer dress is torn and muddy, her bare feet covered in earth, knees skinned, voluminous blond hair tangled, and other signs of having run and being in distress. With curiousity she is holding cradled in her upraised hands an irregular oblong object, a ‘meteorite’ if you will, as she stands in the smoking crater it created. A crack along the edge of the object (perhaps somewhat oyster-like in configuration) gleams a brilliant acid green, while above her in the dark night over the prairie and into the distance dozens of green streaks of light lance across the sky, more of the same objects bound for earth.

Genre: Sci-Fi (Very Dark, borders on Horror)

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***Created with Photoshop Elements, PS CS 5 extended and my Tablet.

*** Copyright Embrision Arts 2012

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