I have an obscene fascination and obsession for the arts. My largest outlet currently is Photography, but i enjoy experimenting with other mediums as well. My love stems to instruments and music, drawing and painting, graphic design, writing, creating and dancing- all of which i love to spend my time doing. I am a free thinker and like to expand on ideas unheard of, for the purpose of stretching the viewer’s horizons and making them see something higher, or deeper, or more enticing. While the early work I may post on here will be more what people look to hire photographers for, my major interests come in the form of creativity and mind bending, or deep seeded pictures. My greatest passion in photography is those of the natural world as i love the escape and sensation I experience when i feel i have come to a realm so sepparate from my own, you will find a great deal of that here. I have a large fascination with the fantasy world which tends to manifest itself into the projects i desire to create and even in the landscapes i may present. My style is still developing as are my inspirations changing. I appreciate any critiques for my work as that is the most effective and inspiring way for me to grow as an artist.