Harmony by ElementInfinity

I've tried to put the non-colors black and white in a work that works harmoniously with everything within the piece. This is my crack at it for the umpteenth time =]

Copyright © ElementInfinity - Abel First-Quao (2011/12)

You may not alter or reproduce this image.
This work may not be used for the purposes mentioned below:


If I find that this image has been altered or reproduced in whole or partially I will take legal action.

Images used are from a trustworthy source.

Leaves: http://mediamilitia.com/leaf-pack-81-resources-vectors-images/

Bubble: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1247574

Liquid: http://www.shutterstock.com/cat.mhtml?lang=en&search_source=search_form&version=llv1&anyorall=all&safesearch=1&searchterm=red+liquid&search_group=&orient=&search_cat=&searchtermx=&photographer_name=&people_gender=&people_age=&people_ethnicity=&people_number=&commercial_ok=&color=&show_color_wheel=1 (can't find the exact site... it's been too long =[ ) Credit to Shutterstock though.

Line-art and arrows: http://mediamilitia.com/arrows-182-free-vectors-and-brushes/ and http://mediamilitia.com/line-art-pack-volume-2-104-brushes-vectors/

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. ^..^

Have a nice day :)

If you have posted my work anywhere, please let me know. After all, it is my work.

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