Several Mediums

The first thing is I should say is only give out personal information to make accounts like this. Otherwise, that's a subject I prefer not to discuss. I can be quiet, but there are times when I get loud. I can be hard-working when I want to do a good job. For the most part I am neat, but I can get dirty. I may believe an interesting piece of information at first, but I might end up questioning it later. I can change my opinions on a subject, but only with ample facts. I do have to mention that I get easily irritated. I like writing, listening to music, and certain food. I like the Persona games. I'm currently a proud fan in the Danganronpa fandom. I like Beavis and Butthead ,but they irritate me with their stupidity. I do care about certain voice actors. I have joined this website to try and improve my drawings skills. I am open to chatting as long as it doesn't become a one-sided conversation.