Working Day's End by EarthHart

Working Day's End

by EarthHart in Land & Skyscapes

The Tor from Parbrook.
It was a very hazy summer's evening, as I was walking back to the Annex, of Parbrook Lodge, where I lived at the time, I was greeted with this as I came down the hill.

This was shot way back in '95 on a camera I won, from BBC Wildlife mag., in a competition in which you had to name 20 images of eyes & put them in their habitats. The camera was a Pentax T30, and it came at a time when I was just getting interested in photography.
The reason for posting this is it's the very first image of mine that was published, in a national farming magazine. The picture editor saw it on the Isle of Avalon website & contacted the webmaster. I got a very nice cheque thank you.

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