What Have We Here? by EarthHart

What Have We Here?

by EarthHart in Abstract

Well, you know me & textures, so what is it?

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  • Gem-3d


    Superb work...

    Nov 19th Reply Subscriber
  • essencestudios


    its your leg! no?? i see a head with horns

    Jun 13th, 2012 Reply Crazy Cat Lady
  • barfischer


    a trunk..... a trunk.... a trunk.... but not a trunk only..... i see a snake... snaking upwards...but i know Will... you just get a laugh about me.... :-)))

    Jun 13th, 2012 Reply
    • EarthHart


      It's not a tree trunk, but there are lots of characters in there
      And I'm not laughing at you, m'deer
      btw, sorry for not replying to your email, I've been having trouble with my Yahoo account. I like what you've written, and will use it with just a few tweaks.
      When all this decorating & carpentry has finished I'll be setting up the group, hopefully during next week.

      Jun 14th, 2012 Reply Respect & Responsibility
    • barfischer


      thank you Will ....... if it is not a trunk.... is it a washed out granite...? now i also see a frog...... :-) and about the group.... i am looking forward to your setting..... am glad you know how to do.... i couldn't do this.... take care decorating :-)))

      Jun 14th, 2012 Reply
    • EarthHart


      I'll tell you in a few days time what it is

      I just hope I get it right

      Jun 14th, 2012 Reply Respect & Responsibility
    • barfischer


      awww...... i am so curious .... !!

      Jun 14th, 2012 Reply