The Weight of Our Sins... by EarthHart

The Weight of Our Sins...

by EarthHart in Sculpture A&M

...Is a sculpture by the late Josefina De Vasconcellos, and was gifted to the Bishop's Palace, by Prof G. Romaine Hervey in memory of the sculptor, his friend.

The sculpture shows eight children, and they represent the wrongs the children of the world still suffer: Child & Sexual Abuse, Famine, Aids, Infanticide, War & Land Mines, Genocide, Child Labour, Homeless & Drug Abuse.

They say that the Nazarene gave His life for Man's sins.
He failed. Man has committed sins beyond belief & continues to do so.
The other day, four children were blown up by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Afghanistan.
And Christianity doesn't any fair better if not worse. 10's of years of sexual abuse of children by priests of a Church that should know better, but hid it from its followers. If a Church commits such abuse, where will it all end...

It was unveiled by Don McCullin

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