Sweetening Her Coffee by EarthHart

Sweetening Her Coffee

by EarthHart in Street & Street Portraiture

After taking http://shadowness.com/EarthHart/questioning-2 I placed the camera on the table, on its side. There was a chair vacant next to me. A minute or so later & this lady asked if it was free, I gestured to her to sit down. I picked up my espresso taking a sip, to move it out of shot, and turning to look out on the market I placed my hand on the camera, a quick glance to see if I had the angle right. Seeing a friend, I called her over, at the same time I took the shot. Picking up the camera, I took some shots of my friend's baby, she was dressed up all very festive. They left to carry on around the market.
As I put the camera down, the lady asked me what I liked photographing, so I told her about Street & Street Portraiture. She asked what that was like, so I showed her the shot. I wished I had another camera, her laugh was great.

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