No Respect by EarthHart

I had seen this lad get on the bus in the pouring rain, get to his seat and put both his feet up on the opposite seats. I was just about to take a shot when a lady sat down in front of me.
Later, when it came to my stop, the lady also got up & began walking down the bus. As the bus was coming to the stop I took the shot as I stood up, the camera resting on the seat directly in front of me.

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  • ArdentArtisan


    Manners cost nothing... how would he like it if he sat on a wet chair due to some one else being so thoughtless... people!

    Jun 24th, 2012 Reply
  • barfischer


    it hurts me all the time i see such behavior, thinking, what a poor kids that no one could teach them about respect ..... respect is basic......

    Jun 17th, 2012 Reply
    • EarthHart


      The chastisement of children is banned in the UK, so what do you expect.
      At the time of the ban, I wrote an article on Primate Social Structures, explaining that All primates chastise their young, and with the ban, to expect in 20-30yrs problems with youth crime on the rise & behaviour well below par. Folks said I was a fool.
      There is a saying, "He who laughs last, laughs longest."

      Jun 17th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
    • barfischer


      rules give a hold.... and no rules make children helpless..... i was a rather 'strict' mother... and my daughter often could not do what other friends was allowed to do.... and she did not like me for that, but when she was older she said 'i am so grateful for your rather strict way'.....

      Jun 17th, 2012 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    I hate this too ... I just had last week a fight with somebody who took a chair from another table to put his feet on and I told him that other people would like to sit on it .. I made him to take his feet down or I would have punched his damn freaking face to the ground ;rofl

    Jun 17th, 2012 Reply Subscriber