Green Beard...A Gift by EarthHart

Green Beard...A Gift

by EarthHart in Street & Street Portraiture

On Wednesday, Solstice Eve, I was walking through the market, when my friend, Andy Tree Pirate, called me over. He wanted a photo of us both, and gave his camera to Smitty T.P.. I asked what the hell he was playing at, he laughed , and held up this carving he'd done with chainsaws and told me it was for me, my Solstice present from him. I was gob-smacked! I don't have a garden so where would I put it.
Smitty took a couple of shots then I shot this.
At the moment, it's in my living room, up against the wall. It weighs just over 2 stone. I've got to ask him what the wood is.

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