Caught in the Act by EarthHart

Caught in the Act

by EarthHart in Photojournalism

They're back again, the Cancer Charity scammers.

When I saw the scammers were back, I phoned the newsdesk of the local paper about them, and was asked to get some shots of folk putting money into the bucket, as evidence is needed for a court case. I caught this guy, and later, caught his partner this morning. All images have been sent to the Wells Journal.

For those of you who live in the West Country & the South West of England, watch out for this guy, he's collecting money under false pretences. With all his 'id' & jacket, he's a Charity scammer. Here in Wells, he & his partner, use a loophole in the Law, to collect money for a company Health Truth News Ltd (HTN) & a 'charity' called Kids Integrated Charity Trust (KICT), a supposed cancer charity. It is registered with the Charity Commission, who are investigating it. This guy is just a foot-soldier.
The owner of HTN, Kevin Wright, has recently bought himself a farm for some £1,000,000, and his wife is a Trustee of the charity KICT.
The latest news is that the company is about to be struck-off the Companies Register.
If you should see these people, please report them to the police, local TV & Radio and the local paper. These creatures have to be stopped. Once & for all..

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