Caught...Sneaking a Ciggy by EarthHart

Caught...Sneaking a Ciggy

by EarthHart in Street & Street Portraiture

The one & a bit people you can see, used to work at the Hairdressers above Café Piano. Recently, the business moved to Market Place.

I was talking to the lad in the foreground, when Kate came over & sat down getting out her fags. I remonstrated with her about sneaking off for a smoke. I shot the look I got.

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  • JurgenDoe


    Well you caught her surprisingly

    Nov 20th, 2012 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • HouseofChabrier


    Never come between a man or a woman and their cigarettes. My husband smokes, and he lectures me about everything, but his cigarettes and beer are those two things in life you are not allowed to comment on. Live and let die, and just do your job! Ignore the rest, and enjoy the good things in life! Great pic!

    Nov 19th, 2012 Reply