A White Croquet Lawn by EarthHart

A White Croquet Lawn

by EarthHart in Bishop's Palace

The Croquet Lawn in the grounds of the Bishop's Palace.
The trees are, to the left an old & a young Black Walnut, then the Copper Beech and the London Plane.

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  • Submitted:Jan 19th, 2013
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  • Lucifer


    beautiful and so much snowy place for kids to play with ...build snowman and have snowball war :D

    Jan 24th, 2013 Reply who wants a hug?
    • EarthHart


      Heaven Forbid!!! Not on the Croquet Lawn
      Thanks a lot for the favour, m'deer

      Jan 24th, 2013 Reply Respect & Responsibility
  • barfischer


    walnuts are wonderful trees...... their shapes fascinate me again and again....
    i already wrote you about your winter serie..... i truly love it.... each of your works a 'winter pearl'........ fantastic angle here again..... fantastic contrast again......

    Jan 20th, 2013 Reply
    • EarthHart


      It's been great putting them together, and there may be a couple more to come
      Bright blessings for the favour, m'deer

      Jan 20th, 2013 Reply Respect & Responsibility
    • barfischer


      would love to see more Will ! you are a master in taking B&W... and these winter tales are absolute 'highlights' of photography........ love the hard contrasts of light and shapes !

      Jan 21st, 2013 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    I see you enjoy the snow very much

    Jan 20th, 2013 Reply Shadowness Staff