Keepers of the Sage by Earleywine

Keepers of the Sage

by Earleywine in Commission Work

36 x 48 Oil on Canvas

This is a commissioned painting for a friend. The deer carcass if from a young buck that got hung up on a fence and died. He drug the carcass out to the back of his property to help some of the wildlife get through the winter. This female coyote hung out for quite awhile enjoying the bounty.
The magpie on the right I had to somewhat use the position of a photo the customer found for me online somewhere - although I changed the details and the markings to match the other two magpies, and the light to fit into the painting of course :). I spent a couple days magpie hunting with my camera - but the little buggers are kind of skittish and wouldn't hold still for me !!

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