Hawk Eyes by Earleywine

9 x 12 Conte' Crayon on Bark Paper

This is the second time that I have drawn this Red Tailed Hawk, and I am still not totally satisfied with him. The first time I drew him was from the side, and although the drawing was anatomically correct, I didn't feel that I captured the life in the bird. I am a bit happier with this one, but not so much with the straight on angle. I may do him one more time, but turn his head to one side.

I came upon this Red Tailed Hawk when I lived on Cape Cod. He was under some trees eating a snake he had caught. I pulled over to take some photos, expecting him to fly at any moment. But instead he was very curious about me, and as I started making little clicking noises with my tongue - he hopped closer and closer. Staring at me. hahaha I thought for a moment that he was going to come right into the car. Instead he stopped just feet from me and stared intently at me for a good 5 minutes before he decided to fly off.

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