Frosted Donut or First Snow by Earleywine

Frosted Donut or First Snow

by Earleywine in Conte' Crayon and Sanguine

15 x 23 drawing on the handmade bark paper (that I love so much). LOL It is mixed media - Prismacolor Drawing Pencils - Sepia and Sanguine. Derwent Drawing Pencils - Wheat and Chinese White. Charcoal, of course. And, some white acrylic paint. Yes, I can do this - I am the artist! :P

This is not the best photo of the drawing - I will be replacing it with a better quality one within the next couple of days

This is "Lucy", a young grizzly bear cub that was somehow abandoned or separated from her mother in Alaska and rescued from starvation. She now resides at the Montana Grizzly Encounter, which is a wonderful bear rescue place about 10 miles from me. This drawing of her is from a visit a made this fall, during our first really good snow storm. I love going out to visit their 5 bears. I am trying to decide if I should name the drawing "First Snow" because of it being our first snow of the year, as well as Lucy's first good snow. Or if I should name it "Powdered Donut" because that is what she reminds me of. I am going to set up a poll on my page if anyone wants to vote.

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