Delaney Rim Gold 1945 by Earleywine

Delaney Rim Gold 1945

by Earleywine in Commission Work

This is a 24 x 36 commissioned Oil of Desert Dust. Desert Dust was a wild stallion captured in 1945 in the Delaney Rim area of Wyoming. The photos taken of him brought about his fame, as well as the eventual movement to save the wild horses of the western United States. Unfortunately - there are no other photos of him other than the black and white ones taken in 1945, a lot of which have been hand tinted (even worse as a reference). What I set out to do with this painting was to take the general stance of the horse in 1945, and bring him to life. The photos are not very clear of course, so a lot of research was required to get an idea of what Desert Dust actually looked like, his markings and color etc. Plus, I did a lot of research on what color the rocks of Delaney Rim are. One of the main things that I found out - the tips of his ears were FROZE OFF. Not uncommon for a wild horse - but someone not knowing that may think that my depiction of him looks odd. Here is a link to a short article about Desert Dust (along with the photo) - and the important role he played in the conservation of our wild horse herds. /en/field_offices/Rawlins/wh/desertdust.html

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