Afternoon Light at the Granier by Earleywine

Afternoon Light at the Granier

by Earleywine in Oil Paintings

20 x 30 Oil

This is Not one of my better paintings - but I decided to post it because I loved the light hitting the stones. I was in Boston, doing the tourist thing with my oldest daughter who was visiting. This headstones in this old graveyard (most were from the revolutionary war) were all hobbled up together and we were standing there listening to the tour guide when I noticed the afternoon light back-lighting the stones and I got all excited. Started taking photos from all angles. LOL My daughters were asking me What I was doing - it was a graveyard for goodness sakes.......... I wasn't thinking of Painting it, was I? haha

I know that I broke all kinds of landscape rules - I am not a landscape artist. But it was fun. I should have just zeroed in on the center stones and skipped the rest of the churchyard scene - but live and learn.

I took it to an art critic session at a local art association. It was one of the last paintings, and I was sitting there listening to the artist critic the other works. He kept saying "You have your bushes lined up like gravestones here - you need to vary them more" etc etc. I was slowly sinking into my chair - as I had actually Painted a graveyard. hahaha He looked kind of surprised when I brought it up - I don't think he knew what to say !!!! He told me that I had broke all kinds of rules - but it worked. And agreed with me that it would have been a better painting if I had just done the stones.

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