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The short story…

Started off with web design at 14. Explored other digital mediums – 3D modelling, level design, programming, etc. – for several years until I got my “big break” at 20 and stuck with web design as my career.

Bored, confused and wanting something different, I left my cushy in-house designer job of three years to find myself and something meaningful to do with my life. It’s been more than a year since and I’m still trying to do that.

But now I’ve narrowed down on what I need to change to get back that spark I had in my late teens. I need to get back to my roots, by ditching new, useless habits, embracing the constraints and crude tools I used to craft with and networking with the kind of people I naturally click with.

Shadowness – along with other old greats like Wasted Youth, Halo Vision, 2Advanced, etc. – were windows into a world I had wanted to explore in my younger years. I gave up on that dream years ago, but now want back in. It only makes sense that I restart my journey here…