Setting The Mood by Dynnnad

Setting The Mood

by Dynnnad in Tutorials

Hello people,

I'm here again today to share some of my knowledge! This time it will be about the tones I create in my photos. It is a very simple but effective technique. So here we go.

FIrst step

First of all I edit my photo in Lightroom, but you can use any program of your likings. Make sure that you have a little too much contrast on it. Just so much that you don't really like it.

Then tune the colours a bit to your liking, but the picture doesn't have to be very vivid at this stage, as you can see in my Lightroom screenshot below.

The photoshopping begins

Open the image you are working on in Photoshop if you haven't already. Then you create a new layer over the image(Control+Shift+Alt+N), you can just leave the standard settings as they are. Now you should have a blank layer that does nothing, yet!


Next thing to do is to fill the new layer with a very light grey colour. You can set your foreground colour to grey, then press shift+f5.

Make sure foreground colour is selected so that colour will fill over the image.


You will notice that the solid colour is completely over the image you are working on. What you do now is adjust the opacity of the solid colour layer.

Adjust it to around 7 to 10%, so your image will become visible again.

The fun part, setting the real mood

This will be the fun and most rewarding part of the tutorial, setting the mood!

What you do is select the solid colour layer and press Control+U. Which opens a window where all the magic will happen.

What you do here is check the box called "Colorize". After that it is all your imagination, just have fun with the sliders to create the mood with feels best for you!




I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and that it will become useful some day!

- Danny

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